Ola Pehrson

Ola Pehrson
    Yucca Invest Trading Plant , 1999  

All living organisms, plants as well as animals and humans, constantly emit electric impulses. The amplitude of these impulses varies depending on the interior and exterior milieu of the organism. Yucca Invest Trading Plant combines this information with stock market know-how.

A Yucca palm tree has been chosen as a representative of a typical plant for a young urban businessman. The plant has been exposed to six months of intensive market education, during which it has been fed with stock market rates encoded into electric currents, combined with an index related conditioning diet of either rich or meagre rations of water and sunlight. This is an attempt to stimulate a market-adapted habitus, similar to that which years of financial transactions develop in the experienced stock brokers' nervous system.

The currents of the plant are transformed into currency, as they via computer software are interpreted as investment strategies for the stock market. The welfare of Yucca Invest Trading Plant is generated by itself according to market logic when the financial result of the transactions is converted into a plants essential currencies - water, light and air.